With the number of analog cable TV subscriber
households either flat or declining in many developed countries, the cable TV
industry's future depends more and more on cable modem service and digital video
services, reports In-Stat
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May 28 Daily News
Friday, 27 May 2005
Universal media access lets viewers see anything, anywhere ...
Daily Review Online - CA,USA
This vast opportunity alternately has been called on-demand video; digital or streaming video; IPTV for Internet protocol television, denoting television ...
May 27 Daily News
Friday, 27 May 2005
Swisscom IPTV Stall Sends Shivers
Light Reading - USA
The telecom carrier IPTV world was hit with a setback this week as Swisscom AG (NYSE: SCM - message board) confirmed that it won't be able to commercially ...

Kasenna CEO: 'To Survive is to Win'
Light Reading - USA
This brings up a big question: Is there any room for startups left in the IPTV space? Not everybody's quaking in their boots. ...

Swisscom delays IPTV in setback for Microsoft - Poland
Swiss users hoping to tune into new interactive television services provided over an IPTV (Internet Protocol television) platform being built by Swisscom Ltd ...

Ofcom R18 Ban: Comment
Digital-Lifestyles.Info - London,England,UK
... is a significant and highly intrusive market intervention by Ofcom that creates winners (licensed sex shops, internet porn sites, future IPTV players) and ...

May 26 Daily News
Thursday, 26 May 2005
Swisscom Fixnet prepares IPTV launch
Telecom Paper (subscription) - Houten,Netherlands
Swisscom Fixnet plans to compete its triple-play offering with TV over broadband (ADSL). After deployment for Swisscom and Microsoft ...

Desperate Telcos Push IPTV
Red Herring - CA,USA
Industry executives detail how the fight between cable and phone companies is turning the US into the leading IPTV market. US telcos ...

Alcatel and Microsoft: Going Steady
Light Reading - USA
... go as a company, you know, providing this integration role," Frank told Light Reading shortly after his presentation (see Alcatel, Microsoft Confirm IPTV Deal ...

IPTV vs Me-Too TV
Light Reading - USA
PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Content may be king, but can phone companies become king of content? That's the big question everybody has about telcos and IPTV. ...

Cable, telcoms face off for 'triple-play'
Reuters - USA
... KPN and Swisscom are planning their own services to provide television over phone lines -- usually known as TV over Internet protocol, or IPTV -- in the hopes ...

Tech execs show new products
Stanford Daily - USA
... as, advances in mobile technologies like cell-phone gaming and videophones, as well as the advent of digital and Internet television, or IPTV. ...

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